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What is VoIP

It's technology that makes possible the telephone communication using the Internet or another network protocol that uses the IP protocol without connection for data transport.

The system or IP network, using communications software installed on PCs, is particularly suited for public administrans and companies. Indeed, the consolidation of VoIP, with the adoption of particular techniques, ensuring quality service and progressive development of ADSL broadband network is increasingly promoting this new mode of telephony.


The system allows the costumer to make unlimited calls at the same time, virtually, by IP phones provided. Interfaces with popular gateway: analog, ISDN, cellarur or VoIP / SIP and with the help of VOIP providers can also make calls to normal telephone networks(PSTN).

Holding the phone number you can make and keeping only a simple ADSL flat. For us it is essential to understand the technology requirements best suited to your business. Among the advantages:

  • call cost reduction (allowing you to optimally manage all telephone long distance and international)
  • elimination of reserve reguirements banda for phone.

Conversations do not travel so only on the internet, but can also use private networks, IP-based like the LAN. This system allows zou to activate your IP calls, thanks to the full nature of IP makes it possible to exploit a potentially unlimited number of lines throught third-party VoIP gateway or VoIP termination operators that support the T38 protocol.

PBX to mobile

Ability to use your smartphone as a PBX, 3CX VoIP with software. Your cell phone, once connected to the network, will be an alternative to the telephone office. There is also the option to transfer a call to your smartphone as if it were an internal extension.

In addition there is the possibility to download VoIP applications for smartphones.

The equipment can be supplemented by a line of accessories dedicated hardware: line adapters, phones, DECT phones, bluetooth headsets and much more.

Long distance calls with Voip

With our services you can make international calls at low costs, using one of our VoIP services. With the simple use of the PC you can have instant messaging service with VoIP features such as Live Messenger, Skype, that will give you the opportunity to make free calls to other users (eg: Skype users make free calls to other Skype users), and to be able to call mobile phones or fixed rates very low.

Even using your Smartphone, thanks to faster networking technologies such as 3G and HSDPA, you'll be allowed to make international VoIP calls without interruption.

Another tool is the mobile-enabled VoIP calls increased dramatically before the bill will now be on a par with standard telephone calls. You only have to connect your phone to the Internet by Wi-Fi or a standard by Ethernet cable.

Features PBX VoIP

Personalizing your phone

Receptionists, background music, queues, for a touch of professionalism to your office.

PBX programming

Programming of any function such as call routing to internal phones, etc..or according to user's choice or according to time and day established.

No loss of info

Integration with e-mail, fax, voice mail and never miss any information

Saving papes fax

Digital fax to eliminate cumbersome and expensive paper volumes in order to recieve documents already in digial format and print only what you need.

Savings on calls

Cost savings through refills voip phone that you can buy directly from us

Saving the call

Sorting intelligent call to the operator more convenient so as to minimize the maximum spending telephone

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